Best Hangover Cure

Fries Ice CreamWhat’s the best hangover cure? Anything on the menu at Fry Madness. We’re guessing the search that led you to our little hangover blog here wasn’t prompted by how great you feel after a good night sleep and brisk 5-mile run through Griffith Park. More likely, you’ve woken up wherever you happened to end up last night and are laying there, phone in one hand, using the other to block out the sun coming in through the half-closed curtain. No judgment. We know you’re a little fuzzy though, and we just want you to know that you’ve come to the right place. 

Sweet, spicy, and salty oh my. We’ve got what you need. Sweet potato fries with marshmallows and chocolate? Marinara-smothered idaho-potato goodness? Chicharrones y papas fritas? Oh yeah, we’re getting somewhere now. Come on down. Cop a squat. And spend the afternoon indulging in Los Angeles’s best hangover food right here at Fry Madness.

How do these grab you?

Not quite your thing? How about this one? Yep. That’s the one.

What we’ve got is good for whatever ales ya. See what we did there? Too soon for grammar jokes? Sorry. We’ve got an ale that’s good for what ails you. Grab a local brew to go with your favorite Fry Madness menu item. Chug a few glasses of water first, then dig in. You’re going to start feeling better very soon. We promise.

Hangover Cta

Can’t get here from there

You were on your game last night. Your jokes were hysterical, you were rocking that man bun like nobody’s business, and your dance moves, well, you know. It was, wait for it. . . LEGENDARY!

Franch FryBut thanks to your legendary performance, this morning’s catch phrase is probably something like lethargy. Lassitude? Languor? Laziness? Any of those fit the mood?

If it just ain’t gonna happen, here are some remedies to try at home, or wherever you find yourself this morning.

  • Slam it: Water, water, and more water. Sixteen ounces an hour should get you rehydrated quickly enough to make it out in time for dinner with your parents tonight. Sorry to be the ones to remind you about that.
  • Load the carbs: Level out that blood sugar bro.
  • Push through it: Stay with us here, you aren’t going to like this one. Go out and get some exercise. A good cardio rush is going to get those endorphins going and keep you from staying in that sloth-like state you’re in right now. Did you get up to close that curtain yet? See, sloth-like.
  • Try some bacon and butter: A good dose of grease seems to always help. Don’t make the mistake of feasting then heading out for that run. You’ll just end up having to clean your running shoes and taking a nap in the park.
  • Go back to bed: Sleep it off.

The healthy type

So, last night was just a one time thing. You’ve never felt like this before. You’re a gosh darn health nut for pete’s sake. You’re going to fight the good fight and do it without coffee, waffles, bacon, or a greasy burger.

Alright princess, here are some healthy remedies for your delicate constitution,

  • Drink some ginger or peppermint tea: Both of these supposedly help settle queasiness and give your liver a little boost to help it move that alcohol out of your system.
  • Get some antioxidants in your belly: From what we hear, asparagus is particularly helpful in breaking down alcohol. But, if you can stomach asparagus on a morning like this, you’re a better man than us princess.
  • Eat some bananas and pretzels: The potassium and sodium are going to help you hold on to all that water you’ve been drinking and help you stay hydrated longer.

Plan in advance

With a little advance planning, you could have felt a lot better this morning. A great dinner that included all of the alcohol-soaking-up benefits of any of our specials at Fry Madness, would have started your evening off to a great start, and left you less susceptible to the pain you’re currently suffering. So, remember, start here.  

If you’re planning a night out anywhere in Los Angeles’s Historic Core, Fry Madness is a great place to start. We’re casual enough for a night with the guys and fun enough for a date. We’re surrounded by galleries and music, are less than a block away from Pershing Square, and are on the way to-and-from the next game at UCLA. You can’t miss us.

Stop by and see us soon! And maybe don’t drink so much next time. No one wants to see you like this. It’s not a good look.