How Night Owls Rule the World – Part 2

It’s good to have a mission in life. It imbues everyday events with a purpose. It gives you something to reach for. It might even require you to wear a costume if your mission is fighting crime. If that’s the case, just make sure the pants don’t ride up. There’s nothing worse than fighting off hoodlums while basically giving yourself a wedgie.

Now that we have that out of the way, we want to share the mission that drives us: To boldly go where no french fry has gone before. French fries are magical little potato strips that can either be the most boring thing you ever ate or the most magical experience of your life. We pursue the magical latter, because we know what it’s like to forge through a pile of bland, unsalted freezer fries. Life is too short for that, friends. It is simply too short, especially when you realize that french fries can be made into a full meal or a delightful dessert. If you don’t believe us, you haven’t visited and tried our spuds. And if you haven’t tried our spuds, you’re basically living in a black and white movie. It’s time to introduce some color!

If you check our schedule, you’ll see that we’re open until two and three in the morning. You might wonder what drives us to keep Batman hours. We do it for the same reason Batman does: we are the hero our city deserves, and we’re here to save night owls. Night owls rule the night, and even though they’re the recipients of a lot of judgment, they actually run the world. In our last blog, we discussed major advantages to burning the midnight oil, and today, we have a few more.

Night owls are workhorses.

A study completed at the University of Liege in Belgium shows that night owls have the ability to stay mentally alert longer than early birds do. They just keep going and going, which allows them to stay focused longer and get more done. Combine that with the peace and quiet they enjoy when everyone else is asleep, and there isn’t much they can’t do.

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Night owls show more creativity.

Experts at a university in Milan have found that night owls experience unique spikes in creativity. They are also far more likely to think outside the box to solve problems than early birds. This means that night owls have an unparalleled ability to innovate and problem-solve. Both of these things come in handy when ruling the world!

Night owls are generally more relaxed.

When you wake up early, your body produces more stress-worsening cortisol. The cortisol sticks with you all day, making it harder to keep an even keel. Because night owls don’t get the same injections of cortisol, they get through their days with generally less upset.

Whatever your mission may be, the team at Fry Madness is here to help you day or night by providing delicious french fry adventures you didn’t think possible. Whether you need something sweet or something savory, our spud dishes deliver in spades. For instance, you can dig into our Gyros Fries of Kung Pow Fries for s warm, rich meal that will give you an energy boost at one in the morning. Beware, though; you’ll probably find it hard to resist our Nutella Fries, Marshmallow Fries, and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Fries. If you can’t decide what you want, bring some friends and share a variety of dishes. That way, you get to enjoy everything!

We push the limits of french fries. You enjoy the results. Visit us for gourmet fast food in Los Angeles today/tonight!

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