How Night Owls Rule the World – Part 3

The night has always fascinated us. It’s when our storytellers bring monsters to life. It’s when daring escapes and wild adventures are their best. The night can also be unnerving, especially if you are used to sleeping when the sun goes down. However, there are people whose lives get rolling when the stars come out, and they are no strangers to the night at all. We like to call them “night owls,” and they are the opposite of “early birds,” which we have to assume are robins or some other bright and chirpy bird. Some human night owls are almost silent and others like to make a lot of noise. However, early bird or night owl, they all need good food, and we are here to provide it.

We have a special place in our hearts for night owls, who, we’ve discovered, actually rule the world. They may be a minority, but their ability to get things done in the peace of night time gives them a distinct advantage over early risers. In our last few blogs, we’ve discussed the advantages of being a night owl (eating at Fry Madness at one or two in the morning being one of them). Today, we have a few more advantages to being a night owl to share.

Night owls are more likely to be entrepreneurs.

Studies have shown that night owls are more likely to take risks, which is essential to becoming an entrepreneur. The efficiency of getting things done at night also allows night owls to accomplish more faster.

Night owls may have higher IQs.

Satoshi Kanazawa, a researcher, has found that very intelligent children consistently grow into nocturnal adults who would rather sleep in all week and stay up very late. While this doesn’t mean that early risers can’t have high IQs, it does show an interesting correlation between sleeping habits and IQ.

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Night owls are stronger at night.

How do you think Batman has the strength to jump, swing, and fly through Gotham? Because he’s a night creature, and therefore has an increase in spinal cord and motor cortex excitability during the later hours. If you are a night owl, we recommend you work out in the evening, when your body is ready to Hulk out. You’ll have a better experience and be safer. It’s a really bad idea to do heavy push-ups in the morning when your body is trying to ramp up for the day.

Night owls can handle nine-to-five jobs if they have to.

If you make an early bird go to bed late and wake up early, that he or she will struggle with being very tired.  However, if you make a night owl get up early, he or she will be able to be more productive than the early bird can. This is good news for night owls, because a majority of jobs these days happen during the day and require night owls to wake up early for work.

Night owls get a different version of the internet.

While early birds might catch worms, night owls enjoy peace and quiet. You can look over the day and catch up on everything without dealing with updates that are hard to keep up with.

The team at Fry Madness has found a way to elevate the humble spud to its rightful place as a versatile centerpiece of any meal. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, our menu has what you need. Best of all, we’re open until two of three each night. Learn the true meaning of french fry madness in Los Angeles!