Long live the french fry: Food trends for you and me

Food trends come and go. But whatever your stance on avocado toast or chia seeds, you have to agree that the french fry is here to stay. And, there is no arguing that Los Angeles has long been an epicenter for great food, and great food trends, for more than 100 years.

So, what makes a food trend? Let’s take a look at some of the good, the bad and the ugly of recent food trends.

FriesFirst, let’s get our definitions right. Don’t start trolling us on Twitter. We aren’t dissing your favorite food. Whether it is in the good, the bad or the ugly, category, these are all food trends that are catching on. The good are our favorites; the bad are the ones we think have been done to death, are going to be short lived, or are so entrenched that they can no longer be called trends; the ugly—well, okay you’ve got us on this one, they’re just flat out bad.

The Good

Good food fast: Good, fresh, tasty, unique food prepared well and delivered fast in a fun, low-key environment with cold brews and good wines, has to be our favorite food trend. Some may argue that this isn’t a trend, but we’ve got a pretty good case to make. The salad bar has become the assembly-line salad, the fast-food burger has become the gourmet, free range, grass-fed burger and McBreakfast has become a variety of healthy breakfast burritos. And, more trends keep coming. Popups often fall into this category, so do a lot of ethnic and mashup restaurants. banh mi, one of our favorites is a great example. In LA or San Francisco, you’ll find banh mi cafes galore, but leave the coast and you’ll find that this trend still has a long way to go.

French fry madness: You had to see this one coming. No? Well, maybe you should skip down to the munchies part of this list. We love the french fry, we love the garlic fries that kicked off the national madness for this fantastically fried food, and we love the new sweet, sour, hot, spicy, crazy creative things that are happening with fries today. If you think fries are fast food, think again. Stop by and try some next time you’re heading to a game at UCLA, or on the L.A. Thursday night gallery walk. We’ll make you a believer.

Really, can you call this anything but crazy delicious madness?

Fries Ice CreamMunchies for the masses: Did you see this one coming? No? Well, you’re still not paying very close attention. We are munchies for the masses. And we’re not the

 only ones. Whenever you find a new salty-sweet combo, a new habanero-infused dessert, or a stuffed, topped and otherwise mashed up burger or burrito, you are benefiting from the movement making munchies for the masses the next big thing.

While we’re on the subject of munchies, check out this winner from our menu. Mouth watering yet?

The Bad

Poke: Do we even need to say it? When a tasty Hawaiian treat can be found in a dozen variations on one menu, the trend is dying. It’s gone mass-market, and the magic is gone. We’ll see you in the islands, but other than that, we’re bidding farewell to Poke.

90’s flashbacks: Enough with the throwback sodas, focaccia everything and caesar salad revival. The 90s are over. Move on and get over it.

Fantasy food: If you are paying $50 for a Kobe beef steak in the same restaurant where you can get a $5 glass of wine, and a molten chocolate cake or blondie for dessert, you aren’t paying $50 for a Kobe beef steak. You are just paying for the fantasy of a $50 Kobe beef steak. Stop it. We’re embarrassed for you.

long live cta

The Ugly

Coffee madness: We’re drawing a line in the sand. We’re not paying $15 for a 5-hour cold press made with shade-grown, monkey-butt recycled beans, served by a bearded guy named Bradley and enjoyed from a vintage coffee cup. No. We’re not going to do it.

Spaghetti donut: Honestly, we don’t even know what the heck this is. But once again, we have to encourage you to just say no. Stop the madness. Imagine your brain on spaghetti donuts.

Rainbows and unicorns: Whether it is ice cream, bagels, pasta or anything else, if it is rainbow colored or has a name with the word unicorn in it, we must protest. Unless you’re five years old, you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging this trend.

$5 for tap water: Nuff said.

We feel like we’ve just completed a week-long cleanse, another trend which you should be avoiding by the way. Apparently we’ve needed to get all of that off our chests for a while. Whew, we really feel amazing. We might even change our mind and go grab one of those 5-hour cold press coffees from Bradley. Gotcha! Just kidding.

Don’t fall victim to the bad and the ugly. Stick with the good—the really, really good like the amazing fast, good, fresh fries and cold brews at Fry Madness, Los Angeles’s hottest new fast-casual eatery. We’re right in the heart of the Historic Core, so we’re probably just a few blocks away from whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re working downtown. Stop by and find out why we’re so sure of ourselves that we can write this article that so clearly is going to offend foodies across the city.