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How Night Owls Rule the World – Part 3

The night has always fascinated us. It’s when our storytellers bring monsters to life. It’s when daring escapes and wild adventures are their best. The night can also be unnerving, especially if you are used to sleeping when the sun goes down. However, there are people whose lives get rolling when the stars come out,… read more

How Night Owls Rule the World – Part 1

At Fry Madness, we like to think of what we do as life-saving science. People need food to survive, and good food is easier to eat. That means our delicious food makes it easier to survive. See? Logic. Much like other life-saving teams, we make our services available at all hours. In addition to being… read more

Why French Fries are Better Than Relationships – Part 1

Ah, people. Can’t live with ’em; can’t live without ’em. We need the people in our lives, and you can’t say that connections don’t make us better, stronger people sometimes. However, they can do exactly the opposite, too. People are wonderful, messy things, and that brings us to this point: no matter what result a… read more

Best Hangover Cure

What’s the best hangover cure? Anything on the menu at Fry Madness. We’re guessing the search that led you to our little hangover blog here wasn’t prompted by how great you feel after a good night sleep and brisk 5-mile run through Griffith Park. More likely, you’ve woken up wherever you happened to end up… read more