Why French Fries are Better Than Relationships – Part 1

Ah, people. Can’t live with ’em; can’t live without ’em. We need the people in our lives, and you can’t say that connections don’t make us better, stronger people sometimes. However, they can do exactly the opposite, too. People are wonderful, messy things, and that brings us to this point: no matter what result a relationship has in your life, you’d probably be better off with french fries.

What are we saying?

We’re saying that if you put french fries up against relationships in an all-out smackdown, french fries would come out on top. Both people and french fries can be wonderful, messy things, but french fries are so much more. Now, you may think that, as french fry aficionados, we are rather biased. You might be right. However, we want to take this chance to explain why a bias like ours is actually a happy train you want to be a part of. Read on to find out why spuds made the best buds!

French fries don’t get jealous if you invite some chili along.

You know how it goes: some people don’t like sharing. You’re going bowling with your significant other and want to invite a friend along or get more family involved, and that significant other has significant objections. Well, with french fries, that isn’t an issue. In fact, we’ve made plate-sized parties with so many other ingredients in addition to french fries, our whole business model is based on french fries’ ability to mingle. So trust us when we say that french fries allow you to relax where relationships stress you out.

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French fries are always there.

Sometimes, you and the people you love need a little space. Sometimes, you come home needing to talk and find your best listener is fast asleep. Not so with french fries. You can have fries in the morning, fries when your friends fail to show up for lunch, and fries when you’re sick and you’ve had the longest week ever. Best of all, we are here to provide those fries. No freezer fries for you! When you eat with Fry Madness, you get the freshest, most decadent ingredients at the weirdest times of day. We are your refuge in the middle of the day AND in the middle of the night. We are the hero Los Angeles deserves. You’re welcome.

French fries are versatile.

Where people can seem full of limits, spuds have this magical ability to be warm, comforting, and satisfying in any situation, which makes them a fantastic foundation for any whim your taste buds may have. Your buds craving pizza (with lots of cheese)? Step right up and have our Pizza Fries. Need some veggies but you’re sick of salads? The spuds got you – it’s time for a big helping of Veggie Fries. Maybe you just want a taste of Jamaica and boy, some shrimp would really top it off. Well, welcome to your destiny, Cinderella; you just got a fairy godmother shaped like a potato, and all of your wishes are coming true. One bite of our BBQ Shrimp Jamaican Jerk Fries, and you’ll never be the same.

Give your taste buds some spuds, and they’ll thank you.

Fry Madness is proud to offer Los Angeles the ultimate comfort food. We’ve pushed the boundaries of french fries to a magical point that is taking the country by storm. Make sure you aren’t missing out on all the humble spud has to offer. We’re open until two or three in the morning, so you have no excuse! Visit french Fry Madness in Los Angeles today! 

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