Why French Fries are Better Than Relationships – Part 2

Most of the intense happiness we will ever feel in life will result from the people around us. The same goes for the deepest sadness. It’s just the way it is, and, quite frankly, it’s beautiful. No matter how solitary we may be by nature, we need people, especially in a sexual sense if this esoteric guidance is anything to go by. We need their presence, their conversation, their contact.

Have you also noticed that we also need food? Interesting.

You may say that comparing people and food is for the birds, but we say the birds already have enough to deal with. You try flying on a windy day and see if you have time to consider the parallels between people and food. No. Instead of leaving it to our harried avian friends, the team at Fry Madness has taken it upon ourselves to ponder people and food. You may be alarmed to learn that, though brussel sprouts don’t quite make the cut, french fries actually surpass relationships in overall value by a certain percent. What percent, you may ask? Certain is the answer. What do we mean, you may ask? Read on is the answer.

Move Aside, Relationships. Spuds Coming Through!

Consider the term “taste bud.” It includes the word “bud,” which is the shortened version of the word “buddy,” which is a synonym for “friend.” And yes, it also has some scientific meaning, but that’s neither here nor there. Nor over there. Or there. The point we’re trying to make is this: your taste buds need friends, or “buds.” There is no better solution than “spuds.” They rhyme! It was made to be!

But really, we’re serious. The relationship between french fries and your taste buds leaves your interpersonal relationships in the dust. Not convinced? Keep reading!

French fries don’t care if you’re clingy and desperate.

We all have those seasons where we get a bit too “glompy” with our significant others. When two human beings connect, sometimes one is more invested than the other. It’s normal, but it’s also a pain. Whether you’re the smothering blanket or the person trying to get out from under a smothering blanket, french fries are the balm to that burn. They don’t care if you need their company every week or every night. In fact, they’re happy to be there for you when no one else can be. They also don’t care if you need some space. They’ll still be there, waiting for you at Fry Madness. It’s all good.

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French fries don’t care if your hair is greasy and you stink.

Getting to the point in a relationship when you can make a bit less effort takes a long time. It’s worth it, but boy, it can seem like a mythical state only achieved by elves and celestial beings. (By the way, why is it “A for effort?” Shouldn’t it be “E for effort”?) Anyway, when you dig into our Chicken Wing Fries, you don’t have to worry that they’re looking you over and wishing you smelled like shampoo. In fact, all of our menu items are 100% non-judgmental and 100% happy you’re here. Sure, it might be two in the morning. The Fry Madness team and our spuds don’t care. Delicious knows no boundaries – just you remember that.

French fries just want you to be happy.

People are complex. Sure, someone who loves you probably wants you to be happy. But they probably want a bunch of other things, too. Sometimes, those things collide and make for ugly situations. When you indulge with Fry Madness, you don’t have to worry about any ugliness. Our entire team as well as our menu is here to make you happy, make your friends happy, and make your day/night happy. Life is too short to deny yourself a little warmth, a little smile, and a little yum. Don’t let anybody tell you differently!

It’s Time to Change Your Life!

There’s no limits to where spuds can take you. At Fry Madness, we have taken particular delight in pushing the boundary of the humble spud to places we’re sure it never dreamed it could go, all for the delight of your taste buds. If you’ve never visited, it’s time to take that first step into your new life with french fries. You’ll never look at them the same again -we guarantee it. Visit us for the best gourmet fast food in Los Angeles today!

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